6th Ward Garden Park

Planning for the 6th Ward Garden Park began in 2013, and it continues to evolve into an inclusive, engaging space where the community can meet, learn, play, relax, grow and enjoy food. We designed the park with nature in mind.

The park is sustained by a functional coalition of community stakeholders including Helena Parks and Recreation, Helena Food Share, Helena Community Gardens, Montana Conservation Corps, Lewis and Clark Public Health, and community volunteers.

As we grow, it is our hope that the innovative and ecological concepts used in the park's design will spread throughout the Prickly Pear Valley.

The park is located at 1235 Bozeman St | Helena, MT, right across from the Capitol Transit bus station.


The 6th Ward Garden Park will provide community garden plots for 6th Ward residents with a preference for low-income gardeners, with the goal of increasing access to healthy food and nutrition education.

 In addition to the garden plots, the park is home to an Edible Forest Garden that has the potential to produce several tons of food annually for the community, once it is fully established.  

Project / Needs

The construction of the park has been implemented over a span of four years, and a majority of the infrastructure should be in place by the end of 2017.  Once construction is complete, the park will require regular maintenance, which will be completed largely by our dedicated volunteers.  Maintenance includes soil improvement, planting, weeding, and infrastructure upkeep.  This is very much an experimental project, and as it evolves we will host regular educational events for the public.