Designed in Patches

Our park was designed with specific areas in mind, based on topography, natural moisture and sun/shade patterns, as well as soil composition and expected community use. Each patch is listed below, with descriptions of the plants and activities planned for that patch.


Designing the Garden with Nature in Mind

The 6th Ward Garden Park is a unique undertaking and collaboration among the City of Helena Parks and Recreation Department, Helena Food Share, Helena Community Gardens, as well as residents from the 6th Ward Neighborhood and other Helena residents.  This park is different.  Come visit and learn how!

A playground for all abilities.

a playground for all abilities

Sheetmulching the garden beds.

sheet-mulching the orchard

At the 6th Ward Garden Park, we started with nutrient-poor soil that was extremely compacted on the east side of the Park. To create the Garden Park, we needed to literally build from the ground up. Since healthy plants need healthy soil, that’s where we began.


Volunteers hard at work removing grass to create the patches.


planting pollinator attractors

prepping community garden plots

Original Garden Park Design - DRAFT